it’s tomorrow!

Tomorrow is here… it’s time to tell the  rest of the story  about yesterday’s plateful…     🙂

One of our favorite kick-back things to do is to sit around with our friendly neighbors, catch up on all the stories, fool around, laugh a lot, sip some wine and munch on crackers and cheese.   Except that, these days, I am a man without a bottom plate who has decided it is not worth spending another $15,000 to redo everything I had done in the dental office just 6 years ago.

Call me a stingy Chicago German, a  World War II kid, maybe a frugal fellow … or just a plain old ordinary cheapskate… I couldn’t handle paying more for some teeth than I paid for my second house… and almost  double  what I paid for my first house.

This does make the chewing of these snacks a bit more formidable… so… philip pulls out his jar of creamy peanut butter which he can handle very easily… except… Sherrie comes over, grabs the jar and proceeds to read the label rather dramatically to us. Repeating several times that  the second ingredient is sugar, followed by very bad oils and molasses…”… then there were some questions about my frugality  (just how cheap are you philip that you cannot buy all natural peanut butter)…

hmmmm… gottcha wolff… you  rationalized  that one just like you did with the ice cream… and Sherrie said she would be happy to  pay for the difference  in the cost of the peanut butter if I couldn’t afford it.     🙂

Ellen picked up four different brands of all natural peanut butter today… the only ingredients being  peanuts... can you imagine?




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2 Responses to it’s tomorrow!

  1. Oh, Phil! I am so very delighted about your new peanut butter sans sugar and hydrogenated vegetable oil! Greatest musing so far 🙂

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