I’ve mentioned how I am working my way thru my old postings,  burning  most of them.. 🙂  … rewriting and condensing a few of them… (like this one from April 2010)… all these things just working deeper and deeper in me over the past 7 years…

“I’ve told bits and pieces of my story in the 500 some odd postings here since I first began writing in 2007… everything changed  for me on June 24, 1968.  That experience with God turned my life upside down.  I was told that my search was over… I had found  God… and basically… now that I knew God and loved Him… I had to serve  Him… then I was told what that serving of Him would look like…  🙂

Of course that was redefined for me by whatever Church system I happened to be in at the time… until I finally became a part of the perfect Church System where  we  now defined what serving God would look like… how sad that whole 32 year trip was…

There was a hunger down deep inside of me to “know God”…. it seemed that whatever I learned and wherever I learned it… none of it ever satisfied  that hunger… I only wish that someone had told me early on, that my search  was not  over  on June 24, 1968…. rather that it had just barely begun… and that I would not  find Him in any of the Churches I went to … I would find Him as I walked with Him… and even though I would never ever completely  know God…  He would continue to reveal Himself  day by day as I walked and talked with Him in the “garden of my life”.… but no one ever did tell me that… another sad thing

My Father is not contained  in a  religious system... systems have this need to control God… bring Him down to a level they can understand and control… then teach that to others… reducing the creator of the universe to fit into pat little doctrines and theologies… I  package  Him… I  promote  Him… I  distribute  Him and  sell  Him to any and all who will buy my reduced version of Him…. another very sad thing... “

One last thought for today…  No matter where we are  in our journey to find  God or know  Him more intimately than we do today… we will never totally  find Him… there is always more… I can say, after almost 50  years now, that I know I am barely scratching the surface of all that He is… and I’m having the time of my life… that is a very exciting  thing… the very  sad  things  are over for me…


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