just another day…

December 28th was  “just another day”... but sure not like “every other day”… it was the day I went in to see Dr. Kiely and he immediately sent me to the hospital with another bout with Cellulitis.  This is the first day since then, that I have had enough energy to even attempt to do a little posting update on this latest season in philip’s life.  What a crazy 6 weeks it has been.

7 days in the hospital with intravenous meds dripping into my arm.  Same thing as the year before when I went in on December 20th for the same Cellulitis infection… except I couldn’t talk Kiely into releasing me early for New Years this time like he did for Christmas last year.  He didn’t let me out until January 3rd… and this time on complete bed rest… which is still basically where I am 6 weeks later.

Hard for me to imagine this hyper active obsessive/compulsive type A personality old fella going upstairs 5 times every day, laying on the bed with his feet up on pillows to drain the water out of his legs for 40/60 min, then go back down to eat a little something, push papers that need pushing, (another hour or so) then back up again to put the feet up… all…  day… long…   for the last 6 weeks….

Ah yes… it is good to know… that God has a purpose in absolutely everything.  More about that tomorrow… maybe….        🙂


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