always His purpose….

always… His purpose…. I must decrease… He must increase... only one way that happens… when the next thing He is after in my life, is put thru the death process... guess what?  Therein I find His plan and purpose for these past 6 weeks… when philip the busy one is brought to the place of complete inactivity... to put that activity thing to death.

As I was talking to the Lord about all this a couple weeks back… what do I read from my old friend T. Austin Sparks?   Hmmmmmm….

“The whole self-life in us has got to be definitely dealt with, and a great separation has to take place there. The impulsive, hot, fiery Moses  (ed note: philip)  has to become the quiet, patient, meek Moses  (ed. note: philip) learning, perhaps above all things, meekness and patience…. and there is nothing more calculated to produce patience than the discipline of inaction. We do not learn patience when we can keep busy, when we can gratify all our impulses by doing something. But when we are not allowed to do anything, when we are cut off from ministry and work and service, and shut up to the discipline of inaction and the discipline of delay… God is preparing us for better service than we would ever have fulfilled otherwise..”

Of course, philip would define that word “service” much differently today than a few years back.     🙂      Service today is simply being who I am, where He has placed me and handling whatever He puts on my plate each day… by His grace.

With that understanding…philip has more than just survived the past 6 weeks… but… he will say more about that tomorrow…


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