well alrighty then there now…

What philip  plans  to do  tomorrow, isn’t always what the Lord  puts on his plate  for that tomorrow….       🙂

Since the tomorrow I wrote about last time, was actually yesterday, the math still seems to work out…. one step  backwards  after 2 steps forward… is still progress… especially since today is looking really good and yet another step forward.        🙂

The important thing being how philip  deals with  what He puts on the plate… not the plate  itself or what it contains.  Today’s plate  could hold  a New England Patriots victory or defeat… a Boston Celtics victory or defeat… only one golfer will win in Phoenix … it is not about who wins or loses… it doesn’t matter… it really doesn’t matter….

How does philip  handle  the outcome….. that’s what matters… that’s what this is actually about… how he handles what is put on his plate... the outcome that he has no control over… (regardless how much control he may think he has)… the outcome is in God’s hands… not mine or Tom Brady’s….

Will philip mock people out, put people down, play Monday morning quarterback throughout the game (we can do that these days with instant replay – no longer have to wait till Monday)…. will philip live out how he would have caught that pass, how he would have thrown the ball in exactly the right place, how he would have made that tackle… yes sir…living out the fantasy of his own wonderfulness… philip… a legend in his own mind.

I’ll let you know how he made out.… a little later…. after the games…..



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