letting you know….

I promised to let you know how I made out yesterday with the winning and losing thing…  I am pleased to report that it went really well…. none of that great Phil Wolff stuff declaring what  “they should have done” … just relaxed and enjoyed the games. Even stayed up to watch the last quarter of the Super Bowl … with the Pats down 28-3 and just a couple minutes left in the 3rd quarter.  I had already  handled  the obvious, soon to be,  loss.

Before that… in the world of golf… none of my guys had a chance of winning the Phoenix Open… only my Celtics (I thought) were victors… great game… (also enjoyed the unreal honoring of Paul Pierce as he played at Boston for the last time…(playing for the Clippers and his former Boston coach Doc Rivers)… very emotional game…  Rivers put Pierce on the floor with 30 seconds left so he could take his “final shot” in Boston… he lines up… releases a 3 point shot… and drains it… just like he always did when he was a Celtic over those 15 years he played here…

But then… strange things happened in the football world… that is why  “supernaturally natural”  is such a joy for me… both teams played their hearts out… both teams were awesome….  and it all comes down to who gets the first shot at the end zone in OT?   The flip of a coin gives that first shot to the Pats…. come on… are you kidding me?   Who is in control here.

“I will have mercy on whom I shall have mercy… compassion on whom I shall have compassion”…

I am so blessed to have discovered that God controls absolutely everything…   that it is not about winning or losing….  it is about what God is working out in each individual heart…  that is between Him and me… and Him and everybody else… thankfully I don’t need to handle that one…

I love it…. I love Him… I love life…whether I win … or I lose…


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