getting smaller….

Just when I thought my world couldn’t any smaller… guess what…  it got even smaller…  🙂

Took a couple steps backward in my healing process… nothing left at the end of the day to even write the next little update.  A little better today… even able to cut back on the pain pills… a good thing… no more oxycodone… no more stretching the Tylenol to the 24 hour limit of 4000mg… today will be under 2000.

I see Dr.Kiely again on Tuesday… then the foot Doctor on Wednesday.  I did get my special new shoes 2 days ago, courtesy of Medicare, and designed specifically for my feet… they are a real blessing…. haven’t worn real shoes since I went to the hospital back on 12/28/16. … they are soooo comfortable….    🙂

On the B&B sale, things keep plodding very slowly… we have passed by our last  “closing date”  of February 8th..  and waiting on attorneys to come up with yet another date…     I am so glad that this stuff  “happening”  doesn’t depend on philip…      🙂  

I may try writing earlier in the day to see if that helps my world get  a little larger … by at least being able to write each day.


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