this tiny world thingy…

Guess I should say that having this  tiny, small world  thingy  that I have been writing about… is not a  bad  thing… not a  complaint… philip is not grumpy… he is just stating the facts of his situation as it is today… and appropriating His grace to get thru the next thing that comes across the table… you know… that plate thing He passes across the table…

I used to keep talking to the Lord about what He wanted me to  do with  all this stuff He has been showing me… the answer is always the same… “just be who you are, where you are”… my problem has always been wanting to  be more than thatwanting to do things... great things... below is something I wrote quite a few years back… this is the stuff God wants to change in philip….      🙂

“I have this burden to help everyone I meet, with all their problems, difficulties, hang-ups, all those messes we are so good at getting into….. I just want to introduce them to Jesus and help them get rid of all the problems and messes. I want to take every tree I see, prune it, get rid of all the dead branches, dig around the roots, water them, fertilize them, get them sprouting with new life. The Lord said:    “Your desire is good…..but not everyone is on your property… they belong to me….they do not belong to you…. I know them…I know what they need… and I know when they need it…. if I want you to do anything … I’ll let you know.”

That keeps getting more and more clarified as each month goes by…. slowly discovering He really doesn’t need me to do anything… He just wants me to walk and talk with Him in the garden of my life…..   🙂

By the way… the big decision of today was to finally stop trying to get thru the day with no pain killers… gave up after 12 hours and had me one of Rite Aids version of Tylenol.. a 650 mg slow release fella…


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