some rumblings today…

a little wind blowing… some rumblings in the tree tops…a little activity today... I will try to tie in what has happened, with some more of that old posting I talked about yesterday.

First, we took a  major step forward  on the sale of the B&B…  we had a call from our attorney today to confirm that we will be home here on Friday for a visit from the “Fire Inspector” at 11:00am…  This is what has held up the closing.  Long story short, our new contract saying we will close on or before March 1st should now actually happen… all we need is the inspection and then a firm closing date…    🙂

Second thing was a visit to Dr Kiely… my leg is making very good progress… he wants me to be very careful not to pick at any scabs or peeling skin… no open wounds to get re-infected… sounds like something I will be watching for whatever years the Lord still has left for me here.  He encouraged me to start walking again… do whatever I can of my old exercise routine… push myself, without overdoing it… continue with my 5 trips a day to put my feet up and keep draining the water out of my legs.  He loved seeing my weight way down (210 now)… means that the water is coming out of my body.   Loves the way I am eating… told him about my 5 small meals and what I eat virtually every day.   He wants me to call him immediately with any concerns I may have.

I told him about a groin pain that started a few weeks back… asking how I could have gotten a hernia when I have been totally inactive and even losing what muscle tone I had left.  He checked and sure enough it’s a hernia.  Gave me some things to do, does not want to operate… last thing I would need now… or at my age.  Looks like one I will just need to get the grace for every day…    🙂

I will tie this in with that old posting on the ‘morrow….



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  1. Phil it is encouraging to see how you know that Someone is sustaining you through these trials, the One we call Lord

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