that old posting…

All these issues of the past couple years, just tie right in with what I wrote years ago when I got my heart zapped back into rhythm for my A-Fib…

I am so thankful for His  forgiveness.… even more thankful for His leading me out of the  darkness  of Religion into the marvelous light of simply living free in Him….coming out of my Charismatic/Pentecostal religious background, then my own religious system of the Discipling/Shepherding movement and then on into the Cult here where everything that happened in my life was the result of some sin, some disobedience to God, etc., etc.,  ad nauseam…   It is so wonderful now… to know this One … the One who is Love… this One who loves me more than I can even know….this One who is with me thru every single thing that happens in my life.

I cannot pretend that all the things happening in my life right now are somehow not really happening.  I cannot  reject  them… I cannot  reject  my Cellulitis… I cannot  reject  my hernia…I cannot  reject  my A-fib… I cannot reject the circumstances of my life… I cannot demand that God change them… I cannot pretend that bad things don’t happen to Christians… but… I can reject the lie that tells me bad things aren’t supposed to happen to Christians… that they do happen only because I am in sin… or I just don’t have the faith…or because I am a failure to God and He is mad at me… or He just plain doesn’t love me any more… I can reject all the lies that come…about why these things happen… and what a terrible person I am… which somehow has caused this  latest disaster in my life  to happen….

He just loves on me thru them all… every time life happens …  He teaches me, He helps me, He grows me… He touches me yet one more time with His amazing love.


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