oh my….

After re-writing that old posting yesterday, things really started jumping around in philip… just thinking about all my experiences in those various religious systems started to do a number on me…  and I hadn’t even mentioned my first 20 years being raised a Catholic, parochial grade school, Jesuit High School and a little Jesuit College… leaving that when I saw it didn’t do anything to change me… just fear and guilt all the time… I even looked at Unitarianism, then Bahai and finally had my collision with God in 1968… where I was immediately thrust into fundamental evangelicalism…

None of those worked either… any more than all that followed…one after the other… in every Christian System I watched leader after leader sinning just like the rest of the world…. their Christianity had no impact on their character… or mine.  Religion will never change my heart.  The only way my rotten old heart has ever changed is by seeking the Lord with all my heart, finding Him, then discovering His love… as He exchanged His heart for mine… then it began to happen… oh my… what a journey…

I have so much to say… I’ll try to start tomorrow… about the two kingdoms… the kingdom of this world (the takers ,the users, the abusers kingdom) and His kingdom (the givers, the lovers, the encouragers kingdom)…

Right now, I would like to invite you to read my little Psalm… about my heart’s cry to know Him…. it’s up there on the top of my blog…. but here’s a quick link…  Psalm


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