another step closer…

It was Friday today… the day of the Fire Inspector… who showed up right on time…  walked up to look at the 3 bedrooms of the B&B… looked at the kitchen, the basement and said everything was fine…. he would send in his report. Then wished us well on the closing.  It may have taken all of 10 minutes.

It was exactly what I thought it would be… even more simple than 18 years ago when we started the B&B and the same inspector “inspected” us back then… 1999…

If I was still living in that “Kingdom” I mentioned yesterday… the world’s system of the takers… where everything revolves around phil wolff the wonderful one… whose time is so important and he finds out that he was right about the whole inspection thing… sees that his closing has been delayed since November… for this nothing of an inspection… the wonderful one would be ranting and raving at everyone and getting beyond his pound of flesh.

But philip doesn’t live in that Kingdom any more… he has been slowly turned into a giver… knowing that this delay was engineered by the One who controls all things… so philip asks Him what He has for us in all this delay.  I’m not asking Him today… because He has already showed us very clearly why He extended our ownership for 3 months.

It is an incredible way to live.  If you are interested in knowing what He showed us… just give me a call.  Meanwhile, we expect to hear from the attorney early next week, what closing date has been established “on or before March 1st”….


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