“Philip… you are the salt of the earth.”   hmmmm….

I have been thinking about salt  (especially since I am supposed to be salt for the earth)     🙂 … thinking about salt’s relationship to the two different kingdoms…  those two kingdoms I’ve been writing about… the one we are born into here on earth  (the kingdom of this world)... and the one we are born into at our new birth  (the kingdom of heaven)... where we then become representatives of His kingdom right here on earth…  He puts us into His salt shaker... to bring the taste of His Life,  the flavor of His kingdom to that other kingdom.

Here are a couple statements about salt from the experts…    🙂

“Salt has been the secret ingredient of the human race for 8,000 years. And the one no chef can live without. Today, food technologists rely on salt to satisfy consumer preferences in color, texture, appearance and aroma…. and they prefer the attributes that only salt can deliver.”

“Salt does more than improve flavor. It intensifies it. It reduces bitterness and enhances sweetness. It provides balance. It’s a natural preservative, it helps bread rise, and it’s even a critical ingredient in ice cream.”

Of course… too much salt does just the opposite.  Too much salt makes your food unpalatable… impossible to eat… how little I understood about that…  I was taught and taught others to empty the whole box on folks… “Wonderful Phil is going to heaven… you are going to hell unless you believe like I do and give your life to Christ like I did.”

So sad.

Just dump the whole box of salt on people… saturate them with doctrines of salt... it is what I did.  It is why I am so thankful for His forgiveness…so thankful for His revelation… so thankful for finally being able to just let Him handle His salt shaker and sprinkle a little here and there, whenever He is so inclined to do that.


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