the kingdom of takers…

This kingdom of the world…. kingdom of darkness… kingdom of takers  affects every area of life… here is a list (compliments of Bob Mumford) with an addition or two of my own… I may try to deal with each of them… we shall see… because I want to compare each one with the difference between the kingdom of takers and the kingdom of givers…

1 – Business takers
2 – Religion takers
3 – Government takers
4 – Medical takers
5 – Wall Street takers
6 – Sexual takers
7 – Social takers
8 – Family takers
9 – Psychological/Counselor takers
10 – Educational takers

I will try hard to keep this to my  personal experiences … stories… rather than just philip’s opinions. Since I have been a businessman most of my life… I have seen it all first hand… the takers, the users, the abusers… I have been an employer and an employee… either side is full of the corruption of the kingdom of darkness… full of the takers.

hmmmm… my needle might just get stuck in the “Business takers” for a while… so many stories….  hmmmm… did I just date myself.  Hope any folks reading this know what “a stuck needle” means!       🙂

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