business takers #1…

Maybe a good place to start is “in the beginning”... I will be copying things from my consulting website and working with some of the stories I have already told up there at   …. just one at a time so I can keep these short and sweet…    🙂

“My first full time job at age 17 was for a local newspaper…. I was welcomed into the Newspaper’s “Family”…. I was paid $40 a week for my 40 hr job… then learned that being a part of the “Family” entitled me to work 60 hours a week for the same $40. I learned from this to never join any “Family” again…. then after receiving a $5 raise each year for 2 years  (now making $50 a week for my 60 hours)… I decided to get married…. didn’t get my raise that year so I asked about it… I was told that I had reached the top pay for my area…. I quit… then scratched my ego when they had to hire 2 people to do what I was doing…. 🙂 … learned that people should take care of their employees and not use them…. (the year was 1955).” 

This is what  “takers”  do… they take, they abuse, they don’t really care about their employees… it is all about the company…. making the almighty buck…  I have a page on  titled “Philip’s Freebies”…  this is my third point for people wanting to have their own business… and philip’s rule about how to do that.

3 – Being in business
My motivator has always been… that my business is here to serve others… it is not here to serve me… as long as I keep it that way… serving others… blessing others… giving to others… it is amazing how blessed I am in the process.

Rule No. 3:   Always do what you do in order to serve and bless your customers… your employees… your vendors… your competitors… do nothing to serve yourself. This will bring true success in your venture.


That’s how things are done in that other kingdom… the kingdom of heaven.  It is really quite different.

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