business takers #2…

After the family newspaper experience… I decided to take my first big  “risk”  and go after my dream to be an actor… while working part time for my dad running his  “office” … I went to a lot of casting calls…. theater school… worked hard for my dad… had a baby and a pregnant wife… then the recession of 1958 hit and dad could no longer pay me… then the eviction notice came because I couldn’t pay the rent… I knew it was time to stop playing around with the  “acting dream”  and go get a real job… this time I scratched my ego getting into local little theater groups for the next 15 years. In the process, I learned that things don’t always go the way I plan them and sometimes our dreams need a reality check.

Thru my little theatre connections, I got a job for a printing company that made deals with banks to supply free calendar books to give away to their customers.  The company then sold ads to go into those books… (the ads were not free)          🙂

I lasted 2 weeks selling stuff that people didn’t need by manipulating them… the final straw was an out of work painter… he was so friendly, sat me down in the kitchen… bought me a beer…  he had no money for something like this.  I went back to the hotel… met with my boss… he had sold all 13 of the ads for his bank book… I had sold none.

When I told him the story about the painter, he said, come on Phil, I show you how it’s done.  We went back to the painter’s house…. we walked out with the ad.  I quit.

I could not do what they wanted me to do… and this was before I knew anything at all about the two kingdoms.

So clear now, why that was part of the kingdom of takers.



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