business takers #4

A whole  lot-a-bunch  of things happened over those next 7 years… so many experiences of the  “takers”   … I don’t know… maybe it was my Catholic upbringing… the way my parents raised me… but somehow I was not really ever a  taker  … took care of my employees, quoted reasonable prices, did what we contracted to do, no short-cuts, no using people.

I had formed a partnership with my dad who was a sales engineer for a Chicago firm that manufactured overhead traveling cranes… we picked up other lines of materials handling equipment to sell and became Sales Representatives in that industry. It was 1964.

I now had 6 children. We were losing all the smaller crane business to local iron works… so we started our own manufacturing business, fabricating structural steel and building the smaller overhead traveling cranes ourselves… up to 10 ton capacity. It was a big risk. It was a big success. By 1967 we had 35 people working for us. Things were great…. until… very strange things began to happen.

All the special people we began with, the people of integrity that had made it successful, started leaving for a variety of strange reasons. Not to worry. I was the great Phil Wolff. Just hire more people to replace them while I played big shot getting wined and dined by the sales reps for the steel companies that wanted our business. I learned very quickly never to be a big shot again… never stop working hard… never entrust your business to other people… not every one is honest….. not everyone has a work ethic… not everyone cares if you are successful… and employees can be much bigger takers than employers…

My whole world was just about to turn upside…

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