business takers #5

In 1968 there was another recession… reliable employees were no longer available… strange things happened… crazy, crazy things….lots of stories… a new sales manager who used our draw and spent time selling for several other companies on my time… a rep in Connecticut who not only sold our nylon webbing slings but also collected the money for them himself… a sweet young secretary who figured out how to take back a little cash from every deposit for “petty cash”… (her own petty cash though, not the company’s)… when I fired her, the parents started an action for “defamation of character”… an alcoholic purchasing agent who had  long lunches out… and… then there was the new shop crew.

They loaded a crane at 7:00am and pulled out of the shop for a 45 min drive to South Jersey… the customer called at 9:30 wondering where his crane was…. again at 10:30… our truck finally arrived at noon… our crew unloaded the crane,  went out to lunch,  came back at 4:00  (drunk),  packed up and left…. like I said… employees can be takers and users… not just employers…

I pretty much lost it.  If I fired them all, I would have no one to install the crane. Instead I had a confrontational meeting with my shop crew and read them the riot act… you know the drill… if you ever… how dare you… never never again… all laced with a variety of 4-letter words… and closing with a very angry “you got it!!!”

They did not like what I said so they  torched our manufacturing building  a couple days later… they snuck back in at night… piled a bunch of rags in the office…. poured gasoline on the rags and walls… they showed Phil Wolff a thing or two.

My wife also did not like  a lot of things I said and… never being home… being a womanizer… leaving her to raise the kids and deal with all the issues by herself… I had torched my marriage… divorce procedures had started… my life had come apart…. I learned a whole lot-a-bunch of things out of that…

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