business takers #6

The good news was that out of the wrecked marriage and burned down building I had this collision with God that totally changed my life and started me in a whole different direction. I’ve written about that over the years.  Most recently back in May of 2016.

You can read about that by clicking on this  LINK

We kept the business afloat for 2 more years… I had gone back to working very hard again… God actually showed me how He could raise up a very viable business out of the ashes… then told me that He was not going to do that and it was time for me to leave… so I resigned as President of the Corporation…. fully believing that once I had gone… the business would now be able to make it…. it didn’t. Six months later it was all gone.

Many stories of employee  takers  over that 2 years… maybe next time… stories… always stories… stories are our experiences in life… they are valid… always good to tell our stories.

From all of this, I learned once again that things don’t always go the way I plan… and … if you are an officer of a corporation and resign… then make sure your name is taken off the books…. I was the President of record when it all came down… I could never own anything again for 10 years. It was 1970.

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