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I lived in a world full of miracles for several weeks after the fire… besides the physical freedom from my many addictions (nicotine, alcohol, womanizing) my foul mouth suddenly disappeared as well… besides those miracles, there was one after another after another that happened in the business.

Although everything that could burn did burn and right out thru the roof… the steel was there with our blackened crane and hoist system hanging from it.  We pushed the buttons and everything worked… crane moved back and forth, hoist went up and down.  Our blackened truck also sat there in the center of the building with a tank full of gasoline… we put the key in, the engine started and we drove it right out the door.  The welding and burning equipment was all functional… all our electrical tools worked.  It was surreal.

We were able to continue to work from the building while looking for another location.  Only nothing was available  anywhere  that was suitable for us.  Then the State showed up and posted a  “cease and desist”  order on the door and shut us down from operating out of the burned out building.  I cried out to God for yet another miracle.  “Lord, there is nothing even close to what we need out there… you know we need at least 6000 square feet, $500/$600 month, 16 feet under the steel, and steel we can hang our crane off… there is nothing out there, Lord”.

The next morning I had a call from our realtor… He said:  “You are not going to believe this Mr. Wolff, but a property just came on the market that has been sitting under probate litigation for the past 2 years… sounds like just what you are looking for.”

It had a 6000 square foot shop space, 16 feet under the steel, steel that would hold our crane…  and it was $600 a month… oh.. and… it also had a 4000 square foot office space.



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