the next 2 years…

The next 2 years was quite a wild and crazy trip.  What with God just doing everything I asked Him to do… and all the miracles… I figured I must be a very special person in God’s plan to save the world… there would be great and wondrous things ahead for me to accomplish for Him… I guess God really knew what He was doing when He pulled me out of darkness, into His marvelous light.

Oh my… did I have things to learn.  It has been inch by inch and row by row.  God was like my servant instead of the other way around.  I would ask Him to do something… presto-changeo .. it was done… I would rub the urn and my personal Genie would jump out to do my next next great plan….  In His great mercy, that all ground slowly to a stop over those 2 years.

There were many, many stories along the way of course.  So many lessons to learn. I was still an employer… and we had lots of employees… lots of takers… lots of human errors… lots of “stuff”…

My alcoholic purchasing agent ordered 40,000 lbs of steel for a job… except he forgot he had ordered it… so he placed another order… we had 40,000 lbs of steel sitting in the yard, getting rustier every day.

We shipped a crane to Philly for a  “Union”   installation… where the millwrights and the iron workers fought over who could install what part of the job… after that got sorted out… the iron workers put up the runway steel… then the millwrights rigged up the crane and hoisted it up to put it on the beams 20ft up in the air… where someone discovered it was a foot short in span… so many errors… both shop and field.. I cannot tell you what that cost to rebuild on the job-site with  Union  workers.

Oh yes… and the  Union  electrician who sat there all day each day,  as all this was going on, just waiting to do his job…(pull down the handle on the electrical box)…???  It was finally time for that moment… except he wasn’t there.  He was on his coffee break…



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