the bookstore begins…

Doesn’t look like we will know anything further on our sale till after the weekend… unless we get a call from our buyer about flight arrangements or something like that.  We will keep you posted on any updates…       🙂

Meanwhile back at the ranch… er… uh… back at our brand new bookstore.  I took our last $3000 and put it into inventory and shelving to display the books… opened the doors and waited for God to send in all the folks out there just waiting for us to open our doors…. and waited… and waited…

Ok Lord… how about just sending in some checks so we can pay the rent… you know… all those anonymous donors out there just waiting for us to open up so they could support our wonderful new ministry…..    hmmmmm.

I discovered that  people need a reality check  on all their  great ideas.  Just because we have these ideas doesn’t mean they will happen overnight and be able to support us… once again I needed to get a real job… except people weren’t hiring 35 year olds whose work experience was being self-employed… this meant  starting yet another business  in order to get some income.

I had a christian friend who had been an executive in the oil industry who was in the same bind … so we merged our gifts and started a company to install and service materials handling equipment.   We called it Amnon Corporation… I found the name Amnon in the bible… he was King David’s eldest son… and companies were always listed alphabetically… I thought it was a great idea….

I’m just full of  great ideas… maybe I needed a  reality check  on this one too…


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