My friend that gave us the rent free 400 square foot space on the 2nd floor of his real estate building was a  “realist”…  he wanted to encourage me though… instead of discouraging philip with a  reality check  ….  so he was simply waiting for the bookstore to flop… then buy all the remaining books from me and give them away to people… I found this out much later on…   🙂

My  reality check  did come… when we didn’t have  enough money to pay the rent for our apartment…  so off  Philip went with Amnon Corporation.. to earn money to pay the rent. Hired a lovely elderly christian lady to sit in the bookstore…

I still needed yet another reality check about the name I had chosen… Amnon.  I had been looking forward to explaining to people where the name  Amnon  came from in order to make a little  God talk  happen …. the main reason was that I really wanted to talk to people about my relationship with the Lord.  I should have read up a little on King David’s first-born and heir to the throne.

Seems Amnon had a thing for his half sister Tamar.  He pretended he was sick and asked Tamar to prepare him a special meal… then raped her when she brought it to him.  Amnon’s half-brother Absalom (full brother of Tamar) was enraged… 2 years later Absalom invited all of David’s sons to a feast… got Amnon good and drunk… then had his servants kill Amnon.

I never talked about Amnon to anyone… other than he was was King David’s first born son.

Ah yes…  reality checks…


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