another interlude…

It is time to pause in the tale of Amnon… the tale of our new corporation… not the tale of the biblical reprobate that philip named the company after…      🙂

Our buyer James called this morning.  They need a little more time to get all of the things together that they have to do…. in order to be ready for the closing 

So… we are re-setting the closing date for Friday 3/24…   they will fly out from Florida on 3/22, which will give us time to run around together and make all the ‘changes’ necessary with electric, propane, the town here, the 3 State agencies, the bank and have everything all in place for closing/transition day.  He will spend a week with us, where I will teach him everything I know… as soon as I have taught him both those things… he will be on his own…     🙂

I have started the process of putting James in the loop on everything happening in the business….  copies of orders, emails, access to the website etc…. I expect to be spending quite a bit of time on the phone with him over the next 2 weeks as we begin the “training” process.

It is really happening.

Amnon will just have to wait till tomorrow….


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2 Responses to another interlude…

  1. Phillip I thought people moved from Vermont to Florida but not visa/versa..LOL

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