those two things…

What I said yesterday?  About how I was going to teach James everything I know…  and as soon as I have  taught him both those things… he will be on his own…     🙂     I can’t tell you how many times I have said that about Ellen to the guests here… yeah… I taught Ellen everything I know… and once she learned  both those things,  she was on her own… countless times…  everybody laughs… but nobody… I mean nobody… ever thought I was serious… nobody has  ever asked me  what those two things are…

The two things I learned were the most important things I could ever learn.  Learning these two things has totally changed the way I live.  The first thing I learned was that “God IS”… yes He really  “IS”…  the second thing I learned was:   “I am not Him”….  

Two very important things.  The first… God is… He really exists… He created everything… He holds everything in His hands…He is God.   He is exactly who He says He is… He is not who I think He is… or who I think He should be… and the second thing… I am not Him… as much as phil wolff wants to be God… wants to run things… wants to control everything… knows absolutely the best way to do everything…. the great and wonderful phil wolff…  is not God !!

Thought I needed to say that before continuing with the story of Amnon Corporation…. because I was going to start that off with… “If I only knew then, what I know now…”   I wonder how many times I have said that during the past 82 years…  when I finally know that I am not God, I begin to understand that He has directed my entire life, brought about experience after experience, all of it a part of the learning process.

It is impossible for Philip  to know then, what he knows now.


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2 Responses to those two things…

  1. I saw a quote from Pearl Buck when she was in her early 80’s—she said she had learned a lot since she was 70 ! Your posts have that same flavor….

  2. thank you, kenny… may have learned even more since i hit 80… 🙂

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