the Amnon years…

As mentioned in closing yesterday…  I was going to start off with… “If I only knew then, what I know now…”   I wonder how many times I have said that during the past 82 years…  when I finally discovered that I am not God,  I began to understand that He has directed my entire life, brought about experience after experience, all of it a part of the learning process.”

Looking back, I see how God has had His hand on me all of those 82 years… amazing what one can see looking back in retrospect from this new perspective…seeing how He takes absolutely everything that happens and steers it into His eternal purpose for my life….

Free will let’s me do anything I want… actions have consequences… whatever I put into the ground is what grows up out of the ground… I sow, I reap… all my dumb decisions, all my selfish choices, all my arrogant moves… all my near death experiences… He was right there in the middle of it… before I met Him, when I met Him and then this almost 50 years that have gone by since then.

Seems like I have a  near death experience  almost annually… had two really close ones during my two Amnon years…  one was working from a ladder on a crane up around 20 feet, dropped a tool, reacted to catch it and the ladder just slid away, with me still hanging on at the top.  Half way to the ground, the ladder hit a bin, breaking the momentum, shaking me loose and somehow landing philip in the bin with nothing broken… just a couple bruises. Hmmmm…. how was that possible?

Sorry… I don’t believe in luck…   🙂

The other one was the really big one though.  Stay tuned… to find out how Jack Armstrong, the all American boy, once again escapes from the evil hand of certain death from his adversaries…

tell you about that tomorrow…


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