on the lighter side…

There were bunches of really neat experiences over the  Amnon Years… not just near death encounters…   🙂

A couple quick ones… my partner Don and I were sitting on top of a huge old crane, doing our inspection thing…. there was this frozen on nut that needed to be taken off… except we couldn’t budge the thing.  I leaned on that wrench with everything I had… nada.  Don leaned on it with everything he had… again nada.  Then we both got on the wrench (it was a very big wrench)… still nothing.   So… Phil and Don did what any normal contractor would do when faced with this sort of difficulty… we stopped and prayed.   “Lord… you know we need to get this nut off and it is really giving us a bad time.  Could you maybe help us out with this thing.  Thank you, Lord.”

That was it. Just a simple request.  I put the wrench back on the nut… and it came right off.

Don and Phil are praising the Lord, laughing like crazy…  I almost lost it and came close to falling off the crane, carrying on like that… fortunately our customer was not in the area, listening/watching the two goofballs sitting on top of that big old beast of a crane.

Putting this in perspective.  Don and I were very good at installing any kind of materials handling equipment.  However… how we ever got involved in trouble shooting and maintenance of existing equipment,  I cannot even remember… which is probably a good thing… since we were “Clueless from New Jersey” in that area.  Especially having to do with electrical.

Brings me to the next quick one… an emergency call, crane wouldn’t function, we couldn’t see anything obvious, owner standing anxiously by telling us… “My crew can go home, my secretary can go home, I can go home, but you two… you cannot go home until my crane is operating”   He said that very vociferously…    🙂

Long story short…  I say….”please help us, Lord!”… impression flits across my mind… follow the impression… reconnect  a few things… voila… crane works…. but to this day, I cannot explain how this actually happened….  except maybe  (try to handle this)  it was just totally a God thingy….


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