something happened…

Don and I each were taking out $100 a week… my $100 went to support my 6 kids… we lived from Ellen’s income as a teacher.  That Summer of 1971, Ellen discovered that she was pregnant  (hmmmmm… how did something like that ever happen)  and by Christmas vacation she was 6 months along and needed to stop teaching.

There was no way for both Don and I to increase our draw from Amnon Corporation… so… once again it was time to make some choices.  Another christian friend who owned a roofing company, offered me a job as a roofer… a Union roofer… and got me into the Union.  I worked on the roof for 7 months.  More stories there of course…    🙂

I gave my interest in Amnon to Don, knowing he could then give himself a raise,  wished him the best and went off to earn enough money to support my kids, as well as Ellen and our first little one… our first child was born on March 22, 1972… we named her Jennifer.

Amnon was one of my successful ventures.  Don was able to carry on for the next 20 years and make a decent living.  He finally stopped because the insurance premiums had risen to the point of being ridiculous.. he had installed a crane at this plant… a guy that was lifting something he should not have been lifting with the sling he was using,  got injured when the sling broke.  He brought a lawsuit against the company he worked for, the sling manufacturer, the hoist manufacturer, the crane manufacturer and the company who installed the crane… Amnon… the only time the guy limped was when he walked into the courtroom…. ludicrous settlement.   One of those  “employee type takers”  we have talked about before.  Don did not want to work hard all year just to pay the ridiculous premium caused by settlements like this…. so he shut down Amnon…..

I also talked about the  “takers on the roof”…  back on March 2nd….  but there were some cute, funny things that happened during that 7 months on the roof….not to mention getting into the best shape of my life, from all the hard labor….  next time…


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