this too shall pass…

Most everything that went up on the roof was walked up a ladder on somebody’s shoulder… most everything that went up on the roof was a bundle or a bag that weighed 70 lbs… as the rookie who did not know anything,  guess what Phil did all day… most days?  That’s how I got in incredible shape at age 37.

Most of the roofs we did were flat roofs though.  One week I spent the whole week shoveling stone from the pile left by the dump truck, onto a conveyor belt up to the roof. I loved my pointy shovel that I used in my garden… just the right amount of stone that I could handle… stick it in the pile, pull up the shovel full and dump it on the conveyor. What a workout that was. All day long for a week.

One day… one of the primary  “busters”  walked over with this huge flat coal shovel and told me I needed to use a  “man’s shovel”… and not that little toy, as he grabbed my pointy shovel.  I got in his face… grabbed my shovel back… told him I wasn’t going to use that other shovel and if he didn’t like that, then lay me off… but… you touch my shovel again and you  “wear”  my shovel.  (nice loving christian response)… 🙂  …We stood eyeball to eyeball… I’m sure it seemed a lot longer than it was… but… he backed off and took the big shovel with him.  I went back to work.

But nothing … nothing… tops the story of our doing the flat roof at the Ford Motor Company’s Mahwah Assembly plant.  Next time….


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