Every night when I finish writing up here, I go to Facebook and post the link on F/B….  Last night, one of my friends that has been following my life story,  teased me with this comment… “What haven’t you done?”   I replied… “Stay tuned… it’s only 1972… not even 40 yrs old yet”       🙂

What haven’t I  done?”   That’s been my  problem  all my life…  my natural man has to  do things …  accomplish things… pat my own back… be somebody… that’s that life of my  natural man  that has to  die… and that death process has continued over this last almost 50 years… slowly… very slowly…

So here we find the answer to my friends question… “What haven’t you done?”  I needed to just  do things... whatever next thing would cross my mind as what  “God wanted me to do”.

I wrote about this back in 1999… part of my  Psalm

So I cried to the Lord…. I am Yours.
I am Your David.
I will serve You.
What will You have me to do?

I will do this Lord and I will do that.
I will do the other also.
How about this Lord?  Or surely that?
Now that would truly be good to do!

Oh God, my God…what would You have me to do?

Philip… you need to  stop doing!

I think I finally have stopped… we shall see…


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1 Response to doing…

  1. Noel Allen says:

    Sounds like Psalms by Suess.

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