“to do… or not to do…”

Yes… that is the question… “to do or not to do”…  that is not Shakespeare… it is philip…   🙂

Another friend of mine writes a blog… where he shares the things he is seeing…  telling his stories…  like I do…. strangely enough, his last writing starts off with a story that Matthew told …   about this guy who came to Jesus…. and you’ll never guess what he asked Him…

“…a man came up to Jesus and asked, “Teacher, what good thing  must I do  to get eternal life?”

Jesus answered this question a little differently than our religious systems have told us.

One of the most powerful scenes I have ever experienced is near the end of  “Saving Private Ryan”… the whole movie is about this squad of guys who set out to find Private Ryan to send him home from the front lines… all of Ryan’s brothers have been killed, the mom is devastated and a compassionate General wants to send her last son home to her… safely.

Of course, most of the other guys get killed in the process of finding Ryan… Tom Hanks plays the lieutenant in charge of the unit trying to make it happen… just before the cavalry arrives to save the remaining few, the lieutenant gets shot. He is laying on the bridge, propped up when Ryan comes over to him… he beckons to Ryan to come close… as he is breathing his last breaths… he whispers in Ryan’s ear… very clearly… “earn it”…

We discover, in the final scene when Ryan visits the lieutenant’s grave with his family, that he has been in bondage all his life trying  to do things  to earn his saved life … so many others had given their lives in order that he might live… now  “earn it”

The moment I met Jesus, the religious system told me all the things  I needed to do…. Jesus gave His Life for me…  now  “earn it”..

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