“earn it!”….

The moment I met Jesus, the religious system told me all the things  I needed to do…. Jesus gave His Life for you Phil…  now go out and serve Him…  “earn it”…

I needed to find a good, bible believing church…go to Sunday morning service, Sunday Evening Service, Mid-week service, prayer meeting and small group meeting… and get discipled by someone.  Read your bible and pray every morning, noon and night… and tithe of course…the all important 10% to the church… and… if God  “really grabs hold of your heart”, then you need to go off to bible school and become a pastor… if you are too old to do that, then you need to go to the mission field…

Really? … oh my…  is that what Jesus said to that guy’s  “what must I do”  question…

I really missed it… the highest good was presented as the  “full time pastor or missionary”…  and here I had spent the first 20 years of my life in Catholicism… being a priest or a nun was the  highest good… I wanted desperately to become a priest (but that is another story)… religion is religion… the system is the system… it keeps telling us we need to serve God full time in the system… Jesus died to save me… now… go  “earn it”do good things… good things as defined by my particular religious system.

That’s not what Jesus said at all. Actually… He was saying the exact opposite of that “get busy in religion”  stuff.  I agree with what T. Austin Sparks said… I just read it this morning…  ” If we were writing a treatise, we could show that what is called ‘Christianity’ today is really the greatest enemy of Christ.”

The church is not a system, a building or an organized anything… it is simply us… His people… His  “called out ones”…. called out to simply follow Him… not  called out to join somebody’s religious system.

Obviously there is more to say…


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