just one person…

This whole thing is not about getting a whole bunch of people together and organizing them in some way to proclaim Christ to the world.  Jesus really did not say “Wherever 2 or 3,000 are gathered in my name…..”  …Come on…  not even 2 or 300….. just 2 or 3… that’s me and somebody else just sharing our lives.  It is couple of couples having dinner together… friends getting together for coffee… just normal every day life… because whatever we do or wherever we go, we do it in His name… we are containers of His life… He goes with us where we go… and He even brings the others into our lives or brings us into their lives.

I’ve told you how the Lord sent my friend Bodie up to Vermont from Florida… He did that… He did that just so I could hear the things that Bodie had seen and touched and handled of the word of life!  Bodie was here 7 years until I  “got it”…  we don’t  “get it”  until He reveals it to us… the Lord kept Bodie here that whole 7 years ’cause I was so slow “getting it”…     🙂

It takes time… lots of time… just one on one… little by little, He imparts His very own life in us… that is what He is after… us… He is looking for  “many sons” in His one Son... Father wants to conform us into the image of His Son.  It is a process... we need to experience His life… we don’t get it from reading or from studying… or from believing in some doctrine.  It is imparted from His life already deposited in one of His containers… to another container… one container at a time.

It is not mass produced in one of the 4,698 programs in my religious system… sorry… it doesn’t work that way.



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