not gonna work….

It will  never work  with the presentation of the gospel that comes from the christian religious systems as proclaimed every day “Philip… the reason your life has fallen apart and you are having all these problems is because you are trying to run your own life.  What you need to do, Phil… is turn your life over to the Lord and let Him run your life… then everything will go right for you.”

“Peace, joy, happiness, healing, deliverance, prosperity… are all found when you give your life to Him… and serve Him… ”    (I wrote about that serving thingy yesterday)

So today… the JW’s stopped by and put a tract in my door… they have a whole  new pitch… it’s all about Jesus now… it’s the same  pitch  used by christianity… a couple quotes… the headline to get you to read inside… “PEACE, HEALTH, AND PROSPERITY     EVERYONE’S DREAM“… then snippets from inside…  “…His (Jesus) death was fundamental to the future elimination of  every  cause for sorrow…”   then we get an invite to meet with them (the JW’s) “… to listen to an explanation of how his (Jesus) death can benefit you and your family.”

That  pitch   (whether christian or J/W)  is not what Jesus said to that guy we refer to as the rich young ruler… when he asked “what must I do?” … not even close… Jesus told him that he had to get rid of everything…

I was taught that  the gospel was all about me, my importance, my salvation, my peace, health, prosperity etc… and those are the things I care about (not being  rich)… those are things that are important to me…and I can have them all… and it is totally free…and it doesn’t cost me a thing… just follow Him and obey all the rules… (once again those rules are different with each different system)

The rich young ruler’s biggest thing was his riches… with me… it had more to do with those things I care about…  Jesus told the rich young ruler to get rid of everything that was important to Him.   The gospel is not free… it costs us everything... everything that is important to me…  I needed to get rid of  everything  ….  and follow Him….

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