meanwhile… back on the roof…

My friend that owned the roofing business came into a slow period in May of 1972… He didn’t have work for me to do, so he just gave me “busy work” that I didn’t feel right about…. it was how many times did the floor really need sweeping kind of stuff.

Meanwhile things had picked up in the bookstore… we felt it was time for me to go back to running the bookstore full time.  I thanked my friend for all his help… and set off into the next part of the great adventure.

I went back full time in the Bookstore in June 1972.  We had already expanded into a second office with 200 square feet….and now had a total of 600 square feet!  Then came the miracle that changed everything. My realtor friend and another businessman came to me and told me that a major building in town had just come on the market… they suggested that I purchase the building for our bookstore…. then handed me a check for  $20,000  in order to be able to do that.
Our non-profit corporation purchased this marvelous building between the bank and the post office and we moved the bookstore … overnight we went from 600 square feet to a store front of 3000 square feet… the building also had another 3000 square foot store front and four 6-room apartments above them. I was a very busy fellow setting up the new bookstore area, as well as managing all the rentals in the building…We were prospering.
We then added another 3000 feet by cutting a huge stairway down to the basement, finishing the basement with even more bookstore…. and eventually…. we added another 3000 square feet beneath the tenant next door. We now had a 9000 square foot bookstore…. It was huge.
I was feeling very important… yes sir… God really knew what He was doing when He saved Phil Wolff…

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