never over till it’s over…..

I wonder how many times I’ve said… it’s never over till it’s over… 🙂

We were set to close at 11:00am tomorrow morning… our buyers came back from a meeting with their attorney at 4:30 tonight, we sat down… they backed out of the deal…. so that part of the adventure is over…. we look forward to what the Lord has in store for us as the next step in the process of selling our place.

I’ve also said over and over that the Lord is in control.  He is.  This is in His hands not ours.  My part is… “insofar as it depends on Ellen and I”… we will … do the things we need to do… our part… the rest is in His hands as always.

We will start to function fully as a B&B again… put the house back on the market as both a B&B or just the house itself.  Recontact all the people who have shown an interest but we told them we were under contract… and the like.

Pray for Ellen as she goes thru the grieving process.  Pray for my physical healing so I can pick up a greater share of the work here.  Pray for God’s choice on the persons He has chosen to buy this place.  His timing is always perfect, regardless how things look at the moment.

Thank you all for walking thru this with us.



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