starting over…

Kind of weird today… feel like we’ve gone back to square one… after 4 months of cutting down, packing up and moving out… then spending the morning yesterday training our buyer in the kitchen… real discipleship stuff… watch me do it… then I watch you do it… he is making waffles for the guests… we’re talking about going to the bank so he can open his account, visiting the electric company together, then over to the propane company…

It all grinds to a halt… they went upstairs saying we’ll be down in a few minutes… 3 hrs later they appeared, said he fell asleep, they left for their 1:30 attorney appointment … another 3 hrs and they are back with us at the kitchen table explaining why they can’t go thru with the sale of the B&B.

I spent most of the day today  “undoing”  all the things I had set up for the changeover… the files, the computer, sorting thru my notes, calling all the people we were supposed to be seeing… fortunately, I did not spend the entire day “undoing”… we had 2 new bookings that are arriving tonight… I was also thanking folks for all their responses to our situation… lots of emails… lots of Facebook… very thankful for all the support..

Also got the ball rolling on what has to happen in order to once again list the place for sale… plan is to spend tomorrow writing to all the people who had shown interest over the past 4 months since we pulled the house off the market.

So the old plate is full as usual… just filled with different things than it has for the past 4 months.  We do appreciate all the encouragement from family and friends… it has been a real blessing.

till tomorrow then…


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2 Responses to starting over…

  1. Mike Arbuthnot says:

    Am I reading this correctly? The sale fell through? That is not only heartbreaking for you but such a disappointment for us. We wanted so much for you two to be able to rest, relax and enjoy the rest of your lives. You both deserve much better circumstances. On the upside it means that perhaps Carole and I will once again have the opportunity to spend some time with you. Love to you both, Mike Arbuthnot

  2. thank you for the kind words, Mike… we were ready and looking forward to the change… love to see you and Carole again… remember my slogan: “book early and often!”

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