it’s tomorrow…

Looks like we are having quite weekend… lots of conversations with Ellen… with our children… with our family and friends… all very productive… seems like it will be a weekend of soul searching… looking for wisdom from the Lord… what do we do next… what are we to see in all that has happened.

We certainly knew what we thought it was supposed to be… obviously it was not that… that is gone..

Over and over and over, this scripture floats thru my head…  “The Lord gives… the Lord takes away… Blessed be the name of the Lord.”    So simple… we just need to flow with that and move on to what He shows us as the next step… nothing is being assumed here.

We will be making some choices… it is a time for decisions… then stepping out…   believing this is the direction He has for us.  I have a real excitement… deep inside… a wonderful sense of anticipation…  amazing since we are only two days out from when “the Lord took away”… and hearts were broken.

Ellen and I are communicating better than ever before… listening to each other… hearing each other… listening to the counsel of our children… just waiting for it all to come together with a big yes in our hearts that this is the way to go… walk in it.

Your continued support in prayer is appreciated.


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