Did I really say this… just the other day…  I guess I did…      🙂      

“We will start to function fully as a B&B again… put the house back on the market as both a B&B or just the house itself.  Recontact all the people who have shown an interest but we told them we were under contract… and the like.”

Amazing how things keep changing …. I wrote that on Thursday night…. still said the same thing on Friday night and then Saturday night I wrote about how Ellen and I and family and friends  were all communicating, waiting to hear what the Lord’s direction would be in all this… waiting for His  “this is the way to go… walk in it.” …

We have heard  the way to go… we now have to simply  walk in it... decisions have been made…. and oh, how different it is from what I just wrote the other day.

1 – we are shutting down the B&B… last day will be August 13th…

2 – we  will not  try to sell the place as a B&B

3 – we  will  try to sell the place just as a house

4 – Should we sell quickly, we may shut the B&B down even before August 13th

5 – Plan is to enjoy the Lake Cottage and move to Wenham, MA with Jen/Dano and family.

6 – Ellen does not want to show the house to people herself… we will be looking at what realtor to list with…

7 – We are open to any adjustments He makes in these decisions


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2 Responses to decisions….

  1. tfloraditch says:

    We were praying for you two all weekend. It sounds like you have heard from the Lord. We will keep praying.

    Tim and Melanie

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