And what was my 7th point last night?        7 – We are open to any adjustments He makes in these decisions”   I love this stuff… the Lord  does this to us all the time…  He demonstrates that He can do  anything He wants… at any time… in an instant… then turn around and take it away just as fast… giving to us and taking away from us is the way we grow up… ’cause it is  not about  getting things… not about  getting what Philip wants… It is simply just learning to flow with whatever is happening in our lives… the Lord is not caught by surprise… He is engineering the whole deal to grow me up…

So.. last Thursday when our buyers sat us down and told us they were backing out of their buying the B&B on Friday morning… it was pretty devastating… I suggested to Ellen that we just go out for dinner, get away from the house and let somebody else make us dinner and clean up… so.. we go to the new pizza place down the street, where we have a friendly relationship… we send guests over there all the time… best pizza in Vermont… and… they even sent us a guest one time!

I go up to order and one of the owners is there.. “Hey Phil… how are you?  How’s it going?” “not too bad , Mike… thanks for asking… we were supposed to close on the sale of the B&B tomorrow but the buyer’s just told us they were backing out… so we decided to come out for dinner and celebrate!”   He laughed… I laughed… ordered dinner and we sat at one of the tables.

A young worker there asks… “Is that right… your B&B is back on the market then?  My grandparents have been looking for a place like that… what are you asking for it?”  I say… “$349,000”   We have dinner… then go home.

On Sunday morning, the doorbell rings… it’s the young worker’s father with his ex-wife who is the other owner of the pizza place… all excited about seeing the house.  Ellen gives them the “grand tour de la house”….  an hour later they are loving everything about the place… the guy is talking about living there with his parents… can we hold off listing the place with a realtor for a couple weeks in order to get them up here to see the place.

The Lord gives…. hmmm…does He also take away?   hmmm…


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