so what happened?….

Thought I should write earlier in the day today… and not keep those who are following this  latest tale of great adventure,  just hanging there on pins and needles, waiting to hear what happens next…     🙂

So… what happened?  The next day… yesterday… the day after the Lord gave us the perfect solution for the sale of the house on Sunday… we had a call from the dad, telling us that his parents were actually  not interested  in buying our place… explaining that what they are looking for is actually something very different.  He wanted to let us know right away, so we could proceed with listing it with a realtor.  I am hysterical with laughter.  No trauma. No disappointment.  No regrets.  “The Lord gives… the Lord takes away… blessed be the name of the Lord…”  

I cannot tell you how many times this has happened in my life…  it takes all those times to make it real to me… to know that I know that I know it is not about winning or losing… success or failure… triumph or tragedy.  It is about knowing that God is God, not Philip. And Philip needs to just relax and enjoy the trip… letting Him do what He wants (not necessarily what I want) because His way is the best way…

He is interested in people… people like me… people like you… He loves us… He just wants to change Philip… deposit more of His life in Philip… and hopefully others may just touch a little of His life in me, as they  listen to some of my stories.

Always more stories, of course… so what’s next?… hmmmm…

We are waiting for a call from the realtor.


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2 Responses to so what happened?….

  1. Phil– Wow #7 is quite a reminder of how we have a Lord who is in control, loves us, is not done growing us, and likes to say , “WHOSE plans ?”. Your willingness to keep responding to #7 is an encouragement !

    • it’s the onliest way to walk down here on this planet, Kenny.. 🙂 I mean He really is in charge, whether I believe it or not, like it or not, or whatever…. it’s just the way it is… so.. life is much more fun just knowing that and flowing with it! 🙂
      Glad you are encouraged, Kenny!

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