the next “story”…. :)

The realtor came today… we had a lovely chat… she helped both of us to understand what things we  can  do…. there is virtually nothing that we  can’t  do… nothing that will keep us from what either Ellen or I had really wanted to do…

I know it was a big load off my wife to learn that people in this area list their homes for sale  “including all the furnishings”.... happens all the time… especially in the larger homes…then the buyers can keep what they want and sell or give away what they do not want.  Meanwhile the seller (her name is Ellen) can take or sell or give away anything that she wants (which is what the seller was doing anyway)     🙂

So… Ellen no longer has to think about having the guy come in to auction the  “estate”  sale… or block out any further bookings should we have a quick sale…which eliminates all the stress and uncertainty for her that is involved in that…  and… Philip can put his “room inventory”  back on the calendar right thru the  Antique Car Show  weekend in Stowe (the 2nd weekend in August)…then the sellers  (that’s us)  just move out…  it is all simply part of the “listing”… which means that Philip gets 4-1/2 months to “phase himself out” of what he has been doing the last 18 years.  Ellen already got her 4-1/2 months to  “phase herself out”  of her dream house of 22 years during all the delays of our sales contract for the B&B that ended abruptly on March 23rd.

If we have a contract before August, that will simplify things… if we do not, the realtors will be managing the property until such time as the Lord is ready to sell it.  That part remains to be seen…

Either way… we are out of here and moving on with whatever the Lord has planned for us as the next step in His exciting journey along the highway of life….  Once again… “the Lord has given… blessed be the name of the Lord”…  doesn’t look like a  “takes away”  in any of this part of it… but you never know…


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2 Responses to the next “story”…. :)

  1. Sherrie Peterson says:

    This is the best musing to date! Big smile on my face for you and Ellen!! Way to work, BFF. Oh, and I know for you that HE was the one who really worked it 🙂

    • Keep on smilin’ Sherrie… 🙂 Yeah He did work it all out… and I have no clue what He is going to do next… just one step at a time… one day at a time… that’s what makes it such fun… you never know what is going to happen next…. a good? a bad? or an ugly!

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