a time to die…

I was talking about times and seasons yesterday… there are times and seasons for everything in our lives… and… at 82 years of age… guess what season philip is in?       🙂

You begin to think less about  “a time to be born” … (my mom did show me pictures to prove to me that I was a child once… way back… many moons ago…)  but now…. I think a lot more about  “a time to die” …

I have broken my life down into 32 year segments  (seasons)  … the 32 years before my  collision with God when I met His Son… then the 32 years that followed as I attempted to  serve  Him in a religious system…   and now… the last 32 year  season  of being set free from religion to simply enjoy my day to day walk with Him…  till He comes to get me and take me home with Him.

A friend from Australia ‘liked’ a posting from one of his friends on Facebook…. the friend was was talking about how  “time heals and time kills”… this is what he said about my final season… that  “aging season”  where it is now philip’s turn to embrace   “a time to die”

“We all age. There is no cure-all for aging. We are all still going to get old. But we can age well; I think we can age far better than most people do, because most people start giving up. Taking care of yourself is hard work; you have to sift through so much misinformation, and then actually do the hard things that actually work, like exercise and stuff.”

He motivated me once again to never quit.  I made sure I did my exercise routine today. It was becoming easier and easier to “start giving up”…  all the usual aches and pains… the tiredness… the huffy-puffys… too busy today… time to write my “musing” for the day… time to put my feet up again to drain the water out of my legs…. always something…

This little exhortation worked… I stopped everything and spent the next half-hour doing my routine…  This had also happened once before… 20 years ago when I met Dr. John Bland… that’s another story…  great story…. maybe tomorrow…


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