John Bland #2

Not sure whether I should call my zillion experiences with God  “supernaturally natural”  or “naturally supernatural”…. probably 6 of 1 and a half dozen of the other… there were quite a few just totally supernatural experiences I’ve had over the years.. (those were just God revealing Himself to me that way)… but most things were just as I did normal natural things, like… ask the PT persons a question… sign up for the 5K walk… catch up to this 80 year old man… just talk with each other… tell our stories…  and then wham… this incredible supernatural thing happens that changes the way I live for the next 15 years…..  “Would you like me to tell you why you are now able to walk by doing those simple little exercises?”

“Every time you did those 10 tiny little knee bends… every time your knee went up and down on the pedal of your Airdyne… you were telling those little guys in there to get busy and do what they get paid to do… make new cartilage”  said John Bland.

He showed me another one to do for my arthritic hands… just hold that hand out there, tense it as hard as you can and count to 10… just once a day. I went from not being able to open a jar for my wife because of the arthritic pain, to being able to do much more than just open jars. I still do that hand stretch every day.  My orthopedic doctor remarked at a recent visit that he has never seen a hand as strong as mine at my age (and much younger)… nice to hear that kind of stuff….    🙂

I went to hear John speak at an elderly home in Stowe where he was telling and demonstrating the hand tension thing to a large group of suffering arthritic folks… saying to them that every time they did that, they were telling those guys “to get busy doing what they get paid to do… build new cartilage”…  then he showed  before and after   x-rays of a hand that was bone on bone… then the same hand a year later… with all new cartilage

When I met him back in 1997, John had just written a book titled…  “Live long,  Die Fast”    That book was huge for me…

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