Live Long, Die Fast…

That’s the name of the book that John Bland wrote just before I met him…  Live Long, Die Fast… He was 80… philip was 62… it started me on the path to fitness and health that went on for the next 15 years.  The only negative thing that happened was my weird thinking that I could now eat even more ice cream than usual… I would just burn it off with my wonderful health regimen!   Right.

I’ve written about that before… I was a borderline diabetic running 140/160 on my sugar… on my visit to the doctor a couple years back, making noises to him about losing a lot of energy… they took my blood sugar reading… it was 419!!!! I stopped all sugar… top of the list being no more ice cream.  It has been up and down hill ever since… I was giving up… but didn’t recognize it… just rationalized everything… I had told myself that I would never give up… I had watched my dad celebrate his 80th birthday and just “quit living”…  I knew that philip would  never  do that.

When the family threw me a big 80th birthday celebration in 2015, I was already using a  walker  just to move around… I remembered how my dad had stopped living…. so I started working on my fitness by walking and slowly built up to 12,000 steps a day by 12/19/15… then… I got a really bad pain in my ankle and it was looking very ugly and angry…  went to see the doctor who immediately had me check into the hospital across the street.  I had cellulitis…but insisted on being released for Christmas Eve… came home… had my nose bleed episodes, trip to the ER, then my ambulance ride to the hospital in Burlington

2016 was also rough… no energy, no strength, huffing and puffing… then spent New Years in the hospital with another cellulitis infection….  Then a week ago my friend  Tony  “liked”  his friend  Jason’s  posting on F/B… I was again challenged… and started once again…then moved on into  Live Long, Die Fast…  I have chosen each day for the last 6 days to do my exercise routine… regardless how I feel, aches or whatevers…  it has worked, so far… not that philip would ever  overdo  anything… but…    🙂   

20 min of stretches, bending, twisting, reaching, and 20 tiny little knee dips, 12 hand tensions, lots of crunches and 7 min on my Airdyne… also 1 set each of 3 exercises,,, with 10 reps, each with 5 lb, 8 lb, 10 lb and 12 lb  dumbells.

Wonder what will happen tomorrow…


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1 Response to Live Long, Die Fast…

  1. Sherrie Peterson says:

    Oh dear BFF! So happy to see you are home and back in the saddle of musing 🙂

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