April 5th…

On April 4th I closed my  Musing  saying:   “Wonder what will happen tomorrow…”    Ellen said:  “Of course you didn’t overdo anything today… did you? … you would never do anything like that!”   

She was not talking about my feeling so great about being able to exercise like I did for 6 days in a row… not that… but… you see… she was out shopping… I felt so good that I wanted to bless her by shoveling away the heavy deposits of sand (from our crazy winter here ) in the driveway where the guests enter the house.  Took me 15 min of heavy shoveling and broom-ing to clear that area… not something philip does every day.    🙂

I really had been looking forward to my appointment with Dr.Kiely the next day… could hardly wait to tell him what a physical 82 yr old animal I had become… except… Tuesday night I had serious chills and shakes before bed-time… serious pain developing in my left ham-string area… and shoulders complaining severely about how they had been treated. During the night the chills turned to the sweats.

When I went for my appointment with Kiely… they took my vitals, and he looked at my legs, heard my story,  and immediately he had ellen drive me across the road to Copley Hospital where I was admitted and hooked up to an antibiotic drip… to treat my next round of Cellulitis.

Philip then disappeared for 3 days…. pretty non-functional… couldn’t really type… or think very well… just lay on the bed… getting my drugs.  Not exactly what I had planned… but I do keep telling that same story line pretty regularly…  just another different plateful for philip to handle…

Wonder what He is going to do tomorrow…. hmmmm…  I know that I really would like to finish the story about my relationship with Dr. John Bland….  hmmmm… I wonder what tomorrow will bring?


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