it’s official now…

Couldn’t settle down enough to write that final story about my friend John Bland… too much nostalgia… to many emotions…  seems it was time to  “go public”  with our decision to shut down the Bed & Breakfast… so…  I completely changed the home page on our website and published our  story  … you can see it with this link to our website at Village Victorian.     The shutdown is official…

Also posted on our Facebook pages…. Village Victorian Bed & Breakfast.. and my own timeline for Philip Wolff… the response has been overwhelming to the old fella… and has created a whole bunch of work for me to do.  Tomorrow I will also be removing the B&B page from Facebook… if I can actually figure out how to do that…     🙂

We stopped all our  advertising  and promotions of the business.  We are no longer involved with the online travel agencies, Trivago, and TripAdvisor… removed ourselves from the B&B Directories, and bbonline… we blocked out the rest of April to wind down and do all the things that need to be done at this time of the year…. is that what a vacation is?… hmmmmm… also many Mon/Tues/Wed room blocks to give us time on a regular basis to do whatever is left to do.

Tomorrow we meet with the realtor to sign all the paperwork for the listing… Wednesday I go to see Dr.Kiely to see how the Cellulitis is healing up… hopefully I will also hear that I will be ready to go again in a week or so … and … shall live to die another day!

Maybe I can get back to Dr. Bland tomorrow…   we shall see…


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