pretty quiet…

After these past few weeks of madness, it seemed  really quiet  around here today…    🙂

We met with the realtor for a couple hours this morning where I was my usual  noisy self  but neither ellen nor the realtor would humor my silliness and we quietly signed our contract… I would think the listing should start  “appearing”  sometime next week.

Ellen left for the Lake with her  “truck”  filled to the brim… philip was here processing a couple online reservations… and then found himself  “reflecting”  for several hours about several things…. how John Bland had dropped out of my life by 2000… how my Mother had dropped back into my life in 2005… how she had come up for Christmas to visit with me and my sister… how somehow we convinced her to enter into “assisted living” at the Manor here in Morrisville… how special it was for me to visit virtually every day during 2006…  how in early 2007 when I went to spend some time with her one day… she said…  “Oh Philip… I want you to meet my new friend… Dr. John Bland”

What a blast… we spent time getting reacquainted… he and his wife had taken a room in the Manor… he was now 90… he would walk swiftly whenever he moved… he was always smiling… John Bland simply being John Bland.  Ellen and I came to visit one night… walking up the sidewalk from the parking lot… the Manor door  flew  open… John Bland  flew  thru the doorway, walking swiftly, swinging his arms, and greeting us as he  flew  by…  We waved, chuckled and proceeded toward the door as John reached the car, turned, leaned back on the car, waiting.  His family came strolling slowly out the door, walking down towards John and the car.  Yes… John being John.

A few weeks later, we went to visit Mom… she told us that John had died that morning.

He lived long…  He died fast…

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