doesn’t just leave us there…

If you were tracking what I was trying to communicate last night…. life is learning to deal with every day’s troubles...   It is not what the world’s systems tell us… that I mentioned last night….  that  “everyone should experience health, wealth, happiness, success always and then live happily ever after… all of that is a lie.  

That is  the message  from all of the systems of this world… the religious systems, humanistic systems, economic systems, cultural systems… doesn’t matter  what system… they are all  part of  this world’s system... which is under the rule of Satan.  Think about that when you hear it from the pulpit on Sunday morning… the flaming TV Evangelist’s program… all the self-help gurus telling you nothing is your fault and how you are wonderful and need to feel good about yourself… etc.etc. ad nauseam.  Ever wonder why they never tell the truth?   That’s another  “musing”…

Lets take another look at that scripture from yesterday…

“I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”

Do you see it???…. the Lord doesn’t just leave us there… alone… in the middle of all the madness… He tells us the reality of the world system, in order to tell us to get  IN HIM  because  IN HIM  we can have peace…. it is only in Him… then He goes on to tell us He has overcome the systems… all of them…  just keep pressing into Him…  He Himself is the only answer to every one of our troubles… the only answer...


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