just do the math…

An old friend thanked me for my posting last night…  especially when I said:   “nothing but Him…Jesus plus nothing…”     he said it was  “a wonderful thought on Resurrection Day”…  then he did the math for me….

Jesus  +  nothing   =   everything   I liked the math!

The only thing we need to do is “seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness… then everything we need gets added to us”….  that does not mean He adds to us “the health, wealth, happiness, prosperity, success thingy”…  it means  philip gets what philip needs… if you have been reading along with the old fella this past year, you may have noticed that there have been a string of failures, health issues and survival things as I have walked with Him, seeking first His Kingdom and His Righteousness…

When I live like that, I get exactly what I need in order for Him to continue the process of changing me into the image of His Son.  He puts the Righteous One in me as I wrestle thru all the different stuff He puts on my plate… each day…  and…  as He does that to more and more of His sons, He continues the process of  filling the whole earth  with His Glory…  His Son…  many sons in One Son.

That’s another great thought for this Resurrection Day we celebrate…  I was thinking more about this day of celebration today… and how the World Systems have turned Easter into totally something else…

maybe I’ll tackle that one tomorrow… hmmmmm…


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